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Relationship Thoughts Listener

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Want to talk about your partner without a filter? I'm here to listen.

Enjoy the freedom of talking about your relationship or partner without consequences.

  • Your contacts have intimate knowledge of your lives.
  • Your contacts can meet your bonbon and accidentally say a statement that puts you in the hot seat.
  • Your contacts might use this information as material for sarcasm, judgment, and giving unsolicited advice.

And what about me?

  • I'm miles away.
  • I'll never meet your partner.
  • And I am only here to listen and provide you with a safe space to vent.

You'll get:

  • One 60-minute call.
  • A listening ear. Confidentiality.
  • Advise if you ask for it.
  • Freedom to talk about whatever you want.
  • The joy of speaking to someone else about your issues and feeling less alone.

We can talk via Whatsapp, Zoom, Skype, Google Chats, or another virtual phone line of your choice.

You also get the choose the day of the week and time.

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One 60-minute call

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Relationship Thoughts Listener

0 ratings
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